Perforated Metal, Woven Wire & Laser Cutting

Graepels Manufacture Engineered Metal products including; Perforated Metal, Woven Wire and Laser cutting. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities Graepels offer Fabrication Services.

From concept to fruition, Graepels work closely with our customers combining our industry knowledge and expertise with yours, to ensure the best quality products and optimum results every time. As industry leaders, Graepels are committed to manufacturing only the highest quality products, and are continually researching new ideas.

Perforated Metal

Our top of the range CNC machinery and tooling means we manufacture an extensive range of  perforated metal sheets, from standard perforations to decorative metal sheets available in a wide range of materials from Perforated aluminium to mild steel, stainless and corten. Perforated metal sheets are used in a huge variety of applications for a wide range of industry sectors.

Woven Wire

Our woven wire mesh is manufactured for a wide range of industry sectors from; petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, architectural and mining to waste management and recycling. Our woven wire is manufactured high tensile steel, stainless steel and mild steel. Woven wire products are available in a range of wire thicknesses and patterns.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting capabilities are precise and allow us to cut exactly to customer specifications. Laser cutting is used to cut out parts from sheet metal for parts or as finished products. Graepels laser cutting has the capability to cut a range of material thicknesses and offers smooth and clean edges where deburring is an issue. Our laser cutting capabilities allow elaborate and intricate patterns, cuttings and etchings.

Metal Fabrication

To compliment our manufacturing capabilities Graepels other services include fabrication  to ensure added value and quality. Fabrication services include; Rolling, Folding, Bending Levelling, Welding, Bolt Holing and much more.

Perforated Metal, Woven Wire, Laser Cutting 
PPerforated Metal, Woven Wire, Laser Cutting 
Perforated Metal, Woven Wire, Laser Cutting 

Customer Testimonials | Graepels UK & Ireland

I approached Graepels on behalf of HTA to deliver fixed and sliding screens for a pavilion as part of HTA’s heritage lottery funded restoration of the Grade 2 registered Watergardens in Hemel Hempstead originally designed by landscape architect Geoffrey Jellicoe.

My own internal brief was for a historically appropriate reference to 20th century modernism utilising geometry rather than imagery. The screens needed to be light, movable and thin enough to allow light to percolate.

The final design was a complex pattern using varying hole sizes while avoiding finger traps and where neither the holes nor the spaces between would dominate in order to achieve the perception of changing patterns as you approached and moved about the building. Graepels were enthusiastic partners and helped us determine the material and technical considerations.

There were a number of practical hurdles and Graepels found solutions to any problems that arose. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with manufacturers & specialist fabricators who are prepared to innovate and determined to deliver. I have rarely been as delighted to see a design completed and I do not know how I would have achieved it without Graepels.


Martin Jennings | HTA Design UK 

The Dublin Port Diving Bell project provided an opportunity to revitalise a forgotten piece of Dublin’s urban history. The lettering was developed with Artist Vivienne Roche and Graepel fabricators, who worked collaboratively in the development of the font, the stroke of the lettering, the spacing of the letters and the size of perforations to provide the distinctive perforated lettering which now form part of the character of the re-interpreted bell.

The effect of the perforated lettering is twofold, providing a subdued visual contrast during the daytime between the solid and perforated elements using only the contrast created by the perforation process, at night the effect of the lettering is heightened by the lighting system giving a additional drama to the bell at night-time; the technical expertise and advice of Graepel were beneficial in the development and realisation of the project . Graepels were involved with the project from concept through to realisation, this is apparent in the refined simplicity in  the detail of the final product.


Kieran Fitzgerald | Móla Fitzgerald

Walk the Walk, the art project for Ballyjamesduff was completed within the timescale and launched on Monday of this week. Thank you all very much for help all the way along, looking forward to future opportunities to work together. Best wishes, Anne and Denis.


Anne Cleary & Denis Connolly | Cleary-Connolly

Graepel is a treasure trove of inspiration! On my first visit I was looking for a stair panel in a public space. I walked away with an idea for a water feature and a new way to use their steel ballast. Both ideas have featured in some of my show gardens. The staff are so helpful and supportive of new ideas. They are eager to show the process behind the making of their perforated panels with a view to helping you realise the potential and limitations of the product.


Ingrid Swan | GLDA

Fred, I know how much time went into making the Corten walkway for Chelsea – and you made it absolutely beautifully! The perforations were perfect, they simply looked stunning and the whole walkway was precision perfect. I know time was getting short at the end, but you pulled it off and helped me achieve a gold medal! Thanks Fred. Graepels are a company I will definitely work with again, and I will also highly recommend to others.


Hugo Bugg | Hugo Bugg Landscapes

We worked recently with Graepels on a perforated Corten sculpture piece for the newly opened O’Donovan Rossa Park, Skibbereen. Gretta, Katie, Fred and their team worked diligently with us to meet our special requirements within a very tight timeframe. Their suggestions and experience on materials, installation and finishes were second to none. A pleasure to work with, we are delighted with the outcome and I would highly recommend them for any project.


Orla Higgins | Cork County Council

Intel Ireland commissioned Graepels to create four Picture-Perf designs as part of an office floor renovation during Q4 2013. Graepels were a good company to work with. Their product arrived on time and within the budget provided.

They kept me informed of progress and were helpful in terms of installation and design process. The Picture Perf product has received positive comments from employees. Their products are innovative and I look forward to an opportunity to partner with them again in the future.


Stephen McCroary | Intel Ireland