Graepels & The Arts

Graepels & The Arts 

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Graepels announce “Graepels & The Arts”

Graepels are delighted to announce their renewed partnership with Business to Arts in 2017.

At Graepels, we are passionate about supporting and encouraging the Arts. Over the last fifty-seven years, Graepels have worked closely with Architects, Designers, Sculptors and Artists on a range of bespoke perforated metal designs and projects, as well as being involved with both Business to Arts and the Kinsale Arts Festival. We are delighted to announce ‘Graepels and the Arts’, which is a project developed with Business to Arts. Business to Arts brokers, enables and supports creative partnerships between businesses, individuals and the arts. Business to Arts is a membership-based, charitable organisation (CHY 9871), working with corporate and individual members to develop solutions in areas such as sponsorship, commissioning, brand development, training, leadership development, internal and external communications and events.


At Graepels, we understand the vast and exciting potential of working with perforated metal.

We see metalwork as a craft, and over the years have produced a varied and diverse portfolio of work. Our perforated metal projects have a variety of applications including public art and sculpture, landscape and garden design, memorials and privately commissioned pieces. Extensive industry experience has taught us that contemporary designers and artists value the simplicity and elegance of metal design. We take pride in working closely with Artists, Designers, Sculptors and Architects to turn visions into reality, and to ensure the best design outcomes. A selection of our work is showcased below, highlighting the limitless potential of working with perforated metal.

Art & Sculpture Gallery


Below, we have showcased a number of metal artworks and sculptures fabricated by Graepels. Read on to discover more about the limitless artistic potential of performated metal.

Picture Perf, Perforated metal


“Picture-Perf Oak Leaf Canopy”

This contemporary bandstand was conceptualised by artist Bruce Williams. The vision was made a reality by Graepels, who fabricated the perforated metal sheets. Graepels’ Picture-Perf offers endless possibilities in metalwork and design, allowing striking images to be punched into metal. The varying perforation sizes add intricate depth and shading to this beautiful oak leaf canopy.

Bronze Sculpture



Inspired by origami, this striking sculpture, named “Unfurl”, was designed by Alex Pentek for Ashton School in Cork City. Alex’s design was perforated into 3mm bronze sheets which were then folded by Graepels to resemble the paper folding of origami. Bronze piping was added to the project for extra strength, and all valleys and joints were also welded. Upon nightfall, this striking sculpture is beautifully backlit with LED lighting.

Graepels ans The Arts


“How these Desperate Men Talk”

Graepels were delighted to host Enda Walsh’s drama “How these Desperate Men Talk” at our headquarters in Kinsale. Produced by Corcadorca Theatre Company and Composers Eat my Noise, the show received two four-star reviews from The Irish Times and The Irish Examiner.

Graepels & The Arts


Sculptor Residency at Kinsale HQ

Holger Lönze, Don Cronin and Moss Gaynor undertook a residency at Graepels Kinsale. These talented scultors created a unique open-air metal workshop, and produced stunning pieces from Graepels’ metal products and scrap materials.

Metal Sculpture, Picture-Perf


“Myles after Myles”

Designed and sculpted by the talented Holger Lonze, “Myles after Myles” is displayed in Strabane, Co Tyrone and celebrates the work of author Brian O’ Nolan, better known as Myles na gCopaleen. The sculpture’s book covers are crafted from Picture-Perf, fabricated by Graepels.  This piece was nominated for the 2015 PMSA Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture.

Picture-Perf Perforated Metal Leaf poweder coated


“A Leafy Approach”

This striking Picture-Perf project highlights the beautiful aesthetic offerings of perforated metal. This piece was designed by a UK based artist, and is inspired by the unnoticed beauty of our everyday surroundings. Graepels punched the images of leaves into perforated metal, and then coated the panels with a zinc primer. This allowed the metal panels to be finished in an captivating array of autumnal colours.

Picture Perf | Giant of Kinsale


“Giant of Kinsale”

In commemoration of the “Giant of Kinsale” and Kinsale’s distinct heritage, Graepels fabricated this life size portrait of 8 ft Patrick Cotter O’ Brien, aka “The Giant of Kinsale”. More than than 17,000 apertures were perforated into the metal sheet, representing each day of the Giant’s life. This striking tribute was donated to the Kinsale Museum by Graepels.