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Metal Manufacturing Services

At Graepels we invest time and money into our expert tooling department and machinery
We specialise in bespoke design and engineering from our headquarters in Ireland to our factories and offices in Dublin and the UK.  Apart from metal perforation, weaving and rubber Graepels offer a wide range of manufacturing services; leveling, rolling, folding and more. Our expert tooling department and top of the range machinery allows us to produce high quality products to meet our customers needs.

Perforated Metal

Perforated Sheeting for various applications

Graepels manufacture perforated metal for a wide range of industries. We supply sheets from stock and manufacture decorative and bespoke perforated sheets and standard perforations. All perforated metal is available in various materials, thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Perforated sheets can be applied in cladding and balustrade infill to heavy punch plate for the quarry and recycling industry, Perforated sheets are also used in pharmaceutical and food processing industry.

Orion | Graepels Decorative Perforations
Orion | Graepels Decorative Perforations
Chainlink | Graepels Decorative Perforations
Corolla | Graepels Decorative Perforations
Pattern 15 | Graepels Decorative Perforations
Pattern14-3 | Graepels perforated Metal
Perforated Metal
Perforated Metal Plate
Perforated Punch Plate
Perforated Metal Plate

Woven Wire Mesh

Wire mesh for various applications

Graepels manufacture a wide range of apertures, wire thicknesses and patterns in a selection of materials.The most popular being high tensile steel, which is a spring steel, stainless steel (in a number of grades) and pre-galvanized steel for customers who want zinc to protect from corrosion.

Wire mesh is often used for filtration, ventilation, fencing security grills, in screening grading and in decorative applications. Mesh sheets can be cut to size. Standard fabrication of woven mesh is available such as; rolling, folding, welding and cutting. Bespoke mesh is also available please enquire for our full capabilities.

Graepels tartan Woven Mesh
Woven Mesh
Stainless Mesh Graepels
Woven Wire Mesh Graepels
Graepels Woven Wire
Woven Wire Mesh
Graepels woven wire stainless steel

Rubber and Polyurethane Screens

Rubber Mats and Rubber Screens

Graepels manufacture perforated rubber mats, screens and Polyurethane screens for the quarry and recycling industry as they are suitable for filtering materials and suited to wet conditions.

Polyurethane screens also known as flip flop screens/mats are lighter then the rubber mats and are particularly flexible. Rubber and polyurethane can be perforated into different shapes and thicknesses to meet customer requirements.

Perforated Rubber Mat
Perforated Rubber Mat
Rubber and Polyurethane Screens


Rolling of Perforated sheets and Mesh

Graepels have the ability to roll large thickness plates and thin material to a radius or to a full circumference where possible.

Curving sheets make them a lot more rigid, some design issues with regards to material can be overcome by curving material.

Curving sheets can work well particularly when they are back-lit as the lighting disperses through the perforations. The curvature of the panel allows for it to viewed clearly from different angles. Please enquire for our full capabilities.

Perforated Metal Rolling


Folding of Perforated sheets and Wire Mesh

Features of today’s machines make them very versatile, enabling accurate high quality parts to be produced, for customer’s sheet metal needs. Paired with 3D folding software it is possible to program and manufacture complex parts.

Graepels have invested in new machinery, expanding our capabilities for  various folding methods particularly for Architectural type products. For more information on our capabilities please contact us in either or UK and Ireland offices.

fold detail on perforated sheet
Metal Cladding and Folding
Perforated Metal car park ventilation panels
Graepels Golden Project | Perforated Interior Cladding for an office foyer


Cutting of Perforated Sheets and Woven Mesh

After perforation, sheets can be reduced in size to give customers a required screen size and blank un-perforated margins. It is also possible to cut through the perforations if no un-perforated margin is required.

There are various methods of cutting sheet metal and woven mesh using different machinery. Plasma, Laser and Water cutting services are also available.

Perforated metal sheets
perforated sheet cut to size
Perforated sheet
Perforated sheets cut to size
Perforated Sheet Cutting


Levelling of Perforated Sheets

Large Margins and the type of material used contributes to the flatness of a sheet. For example stainless steel hardens as it stretches during the punching process, these perforated sheets need to be flattened.

In order to achieve flatness sheets are ran through our levellers which equalises the stretching that occurs during perforation, the result is a flatter sheet.

Perforation Manufacturing Services
Perforation Manufacturing Services
Perforation Manufacturing Services


Bespoke Perforated Sheets

Throughout the years Graepel have been involved in many bespoke and exciting projects, such as the Chelsea Flower Show, London, the refurbishment of the Diving Bell on Dublin’s Docklands, Croke Park Stadium, one sovereignty square Leeds and much more.
We work closely with our customers to help achieve their vision, growing and becoming more innovative with each and every project. We strive for quality and excellence from conception to manufacture.

Perforated Metal

Innovation and Expertise

Innovation and Expertise in metal manufacturing

Graepels specialise in a wide range of products for a wide variety of sectors form Architectural and Engineering to Quarry and Recycling.

Graepels are ISO 9001:2008 quality accredited, a standard recognized throughout the industry. UKAS quality management Certified and comply with all BS Standards.
We use modern precision tooling and top of the range machinery to produce consistent high quality products, leading the way for Industry standard.

Graepels Manufacturing Services
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