Woven Wire

Graepels UK and Ireland have been manufacturing high quality woven mesh products for our customers since 1959. We are committed to producing premium woven mesh products, both standard and bespoke.

We manufacture woven mesh in a variety of materials including high tensile steel, stainless steel and mild steel. In addition, a multitude of aperture sizes and patterns are available. The design possibilities are endless; our mesh products are customised through changing the crimp patterns of the wire, in addition to including or ommiting wires in both directions.

Advantageous qualities of Woven Mesh include its high open area, high strength to weight ratio, pleasing aesthetics and versatility.

Product Applications for Woven Mesh

Graepels woven wire mesh products have an extensive variety of applications within many industries, including:

Architectural Woven Wire Mesh

  • Balustrade Infills
  • Woven Mesh Walkways
  • Mesh Radiator Panels
  • Woven Mesh Cladding
  • Woven Wire Sculptures
  • Ceiling Tiles & Lighting
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Decorative Applications

Industrial Woven Wire Mesh

  • Filtration
  • Ventilation
  • Security Controls
  • Air Pressure Control
  • Fencing
  • Machine Guards

Agricultural Woven Mesh

  • Pest Control
  • Screening & Grading
  • Flooring for Pigs, Sheep or Cattle

Quarry & Recycling Woven Wire

  • Screening
  • Grading

Woven Wire Mesh | Detailed product Information

  • Materials: High Tensile Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, Mild Steel (special order), and other materials by special request
  • Mesh Range: 2mm – 150mm
  • Woven Mesh Thickness: 2mm – 12mm
  • Sheet Sizes: Panel sizes are a maximum of 6m long 2.44m wide, falling within the standard range
  • Percentage Open Area: 50% – 75% with other specifications manufactured to order
  • Manufacturing Services Available: Cutting, rolling, folding and welding
  • Patterns: A variety of patterns are available in our Woven Mesh products, please see our ‘Product Pattern Gallery’ below

Woven Wire Mesh Pattern Gallery

Be Inspired!

Woven Mesh Infill Panels | London, UK

Woven Mesh Infill Panels | London, UK

Graepels manufactured woven wire mesh infill panels for this architectural project in Richmond, London. The edges of the woven mesh panels were framed and then polyester powder coated to ensure a perfect blend with its surroundings.

Visit our Project Gallery to discover more.

Graepels stainless steel mesh

Woven Mesh Balustrade | Dublin, Ireland

This impressive architectural project at Booterstown Station incorporated Graepels woven wire mesh and perforated metal products. We manufactured woven mesh panels for the station’s balustrades which ensured the scenic views remained unobstructed.

Visit our Project Gallery to discover more.

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