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Picture-Perf is Metal Design at its finest; allowing us to offer innovative and one-of-a-kind solutions to our customers across the UK & Ireland.

What does Picture-Perf involve?

Picture-Perf involves taking an image/graphic and translating it onto metal by perforating different size holes into a metal sheet. The process is similar to printing. Instead of dots, holes are used to create an image, giving a near photographic result. A more abstract result is available, depending on preference, offering an added extra dimension.

Different sized holes can be used to create alternative densities and shading, offering a fresh and completely new perspective to how Architects and other building industries apply perforated metal. Picture-Perf is used across an array of small and large scale applications including cladding, ceiling tiles, sun-shades, gates, signage, fencing and logos.

A variety of perforation types are available for Picture-Perf including countersunk, round, square, embossed and slotted perforations. Graepels can tailor tooling to your exact requirements.

Picture-perf, Galvanised metal

Picture-Perf Guidelines

Graepels Picture-Perf has numerous applications. This presentation acts a guideline to explain the various design issues or limitations that need to be considered when designing your bespoke or standard creations.

Its potential is limitless; understanding the capabilities of this product allows for the boundaries to be explored and pushed to new limits leading the way for industry standards. We have included lots of examples of product application for inspiration!

The range of possibilities are endless and limited only by the imagination.

 Technical Details

  • Hole size: Larger hole sizes give greater contrast and smaller holes give greater detail. Both detail and contrast are equally important to achieve a balance. E.g. See Leeds Picture Perf Panels over light boxes
  • Hole Shape: Round, Square, Slotted, Custom hole shapes are also available
  • Thickness:1 to 8mm but 2 to 4mm being the most popular
  • Sheet sizes: Standard sizes up to 3m x 1.5m. Longer sheets can be manufactured by special request. Please note nonstandard sizes increase costs
  • Percentage open area: 15% to 50% open area. Small holes using various size perforations to achieve shading will result in lower open areas, larger holes will achieve higher open areas.

Perforation Specifications

Standard 60 degree, 90 or 45 degree staggered pitch, available. Graepels also manufacture custom and ‘random’ patterns. Custom tooling is available on request.

Perforation Application

  • Architectural Cladding
  • Decorative Ceiling Tiles
  • Landscape Gardening
  • Exhibitions
  • Lighting applications
  • Furniture
  • Fencing
  • Retail
  • Point of Sale
  • Security
  • Vandal proof signage
  • Grills
  • Ventilation


  • Aluminium
  • Mild Steel
  • Corten
  • Pre-Galvanised
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Some plastics can be used.

Beneficial features of Picture-Perf

  • ­­­Unique aesthetic appearance
  • Can be manufactured in various patterns and in various perforated shapes e.g. square and round
  • Extensive range of uses in both exterior and interior – wall partitions, cladding etc.
  • Cost effective
  • Much stronger than laser cut products
    Easy to form into a three dimensional in a curved or angular shape, allowing for self-support and strength

Project Case Studies

The Case Studies below highlight recent Architectural applications of our bespoke Perforated Metal products
Perforated Metal, Picture-Perf
Bridges Family Practice
Dublin's Diving Bell | Perforated Metal
Dublin's Diving Bell

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