Perforated Metal Sheets

Graepels have extensive experience within the Metal Perforation industry in the UK & Ireland. Graepels perforate Metal Sheets in a range of shapes, materials and patterns. This includes standard perforations, bespoke and decorative perforated patterns.

Perforated Metal Sheets have a variety of Architectural, Industrial and Commercial Applications. For instance, Perforated Sheets are an excellent choice for windbreakers, anti-slip flooring & steps, filtration, cladding, ventilation, decorative finishes or noise reduction.

What are perforated metal sheets?

Perforated metal is a manufacturing process where the manufacturer uses CNC technology to punch/pierce a solid flat sheet of metal creating holes (also known as perforations). These perforations/ holes can be a range of different hole sizes and shapes from round to square, hexagonal, slotted and diamond. The perforations are aligned in patterns, pitches and shapes. Perforated Metal sheets are available in a range of material types and thickness. Common perforated metal sheets include; stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and corten.

For bespoke or unique patterns and designs visit our Picture-Perf Products page or Decorative Metal Sheets page.

Perforated Metal Sheets; Technical Details

Our advanced and expert tooling department allows us to customize tooling to your exact requirements.
  • Perforated patterns are available in one-hole size or a variety of different hole sizes and shapes
  • Bespoke patterns and pitches are designed to individual customer’s requests
  • Different Perforated Metal types are also available in flush, embossed (raised), countersunk and louvered
  • Standard staggered pitch include; 60, 90 and 45-degree orientation

Technical Capabilities of Perforated Metal

  • Perforation size: 1mm-154mm (additional Perforation sizes are available on request)
  • Sheet Thickness: Popular thickness: 0.75mm – 12mm. Graepels can perforate up to 25mm thick on special request/order
  • Sheet sizes: Standard sizes include 2mx1m, 2.5mx1.25m and 3mx1.5m. Sheets 4mx2m are perforated on our larger machines. Longer lengths up to 6m perforated by special request.
  • Percentage open area: All open areas are physically possible but standard tooling tends to be between 20% and 60%

Please note:

  • Typical pitch configurations are 45 Degree, 60 Degree, Rectangular pitch and 90 Degrees.
  • 60 Degrees at 30 Degrees, random perforations, decorative perforations and picture perf are bespoke.
Perforated metal pitches, Perforated Metal Sheets

Popular Applications of Perforated Metal

  • Architectural Sector: Balustrade Infill Panels, Walkways, Weather Screens (Sun, Wind & Rain Screens), Rainscreen Cladding, Interior screens, ceiling tiles
  • Industrial Sector: Filtration, Ventilation, Security Grills, Sound Attenuation, Air Pressure Control, Fencing, Machine Guards, ladder rungs
  • Agricultural Industry: Pest control, Screening and Grading, Milling, Flooring for Pigs, Sheep or Cattle, Grain dryers
  • Quarry & Recycling Industry: Screening and Grading
  • Retail Industry: Point of Sale and Decorative Applications
  • Other: Speaker grills, metal partitions, fencing
  • Medical: Autoclave and cadaver trays, ventilation hots, test tube holders. perforated equipment for the medical industry that are chemical resistant and offer filtration

Benefits of Choosing Perforated Metal

  • In its solid state, Perforated Metal Sheets are smooth with a high strength ratio especially when round holes are used. This makes it ideal for forming into three-dimensional shapes to increase strength and rigidity.
  • Perforated Metal sheeting is ideal for applications such as ceiling tiles, cladding, lamps, balustrade infill and much more. Visit our Project Gallery to view recent projects.

Metal Fabrication

Graepels offers the following services; Cutting, Rolling, Folding, Welding etc. Please see manufacturing section on our website for more information.

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Perforated Metal, Folded Origami

Graepels Perforated Metal Moire Effect

Graepels Perforated Metal Moire Effect

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