Decorative Metal Sheeting

Decorative Punched Metal Sheets

At Graepels we invest heavily in our machinery and tooling department. We manufacture a wide range of decorative metal sheets using bespoke patterns and shapes to meet customer requirements.

Graepels offer seventeen decorative patterns off the shelf with varying finishes, including powder coating and anodizing. A vast array of RAL and BS colours can be selected. Bespoke patterns are available on request.

Our Perforated sheets are known for their quality and durability. We know it takes many months of planning and execution to make your ideas come to fruition, which is why we ensure that our attention to detail is first rate and applied on every individual project providing the highest quality and industry standards.


  • Hole size: 1mm-154mm (additional Perforation sizes are available on request)
  • Thickness: Popular thickness: 0.75mm – 12mm. Graepel has the expertise to perforate up to 25mm thick on special request/order
  • Sheet sizes: Standard sizes include 2mx1m, 2.5mx1.25m and 3mx1.5m. We can also perforate 4mx2m on one of our larger machines. Longer lengths up to 6m can be perforated by special request.
  • Percentage open area: All open areas are physically possible but standard tooling tends to be between 20% and 60%.
  • Note: Perforations must be the same or larger in size than the material thickness.

Decorative Metal

Graepels manufacture a range of decorative metal sheets for infill panels, grilles, interior screens, cladding, ventilation panels and more.. We offer bespoke patterns and shapes for custom designs based on customers specifications.


Perforated Metal Patterns

Standard patterns of perforation include; 60, 90 and 45-degree orientation. Perforated patterns are also available in one-hole size or a variety of different hole sizes and shapes. Bespoke patterns and pitches are designed to individual customer’s requests.

Graepels is Now CPD Accredited


Beneficial Features of Perforated Metal

Solid State, smooth with a high strength ratio especially when round holes are used, making it ideal for forming into three-dimensional shapes to increase strength and rigidity.

Other valuable qualities make Perforated metal ideal for ceiling tiles, cladding, lamps, balustrade infill and much more.. See applications


  • Perforated Metal for Architectural Projects

    Balustrade Infill, Walkways, Weather Screens (Sun, Wind and Rain Screens), Rainscreen Cladding, Radiator Panels, Seating, Cladding, Ceiling Tiles, Sculptures, Lighting

  • Perforated Metal for Industrial Sector

    Filtration, Ventilation, Security Grills, Sound Attenuation, Air Pressure Control, Fencing, Machine Guards

  • Perforated Metal for the Retail Industry

    Point of Sale and Decorative applications.

General Fabrication

Graepels offers the following services; Cutting, Rolling, Folding, Welding etc. Please see manufacturing section on our website for more information.

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Materials Available

  • Mild steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Corten
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Titanium
  • Certain Plastics by special request

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