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Quarrying & Mining

Graepels have been manufacturing and supplying products to Quarry and Mining industries for over 60 years.

We take pride in the quality of our products, all of which are manufactured to IS.EN ISO quality standards. We continually ensure the highest quality using high tensile and high carbon stainless steel wire for our screens.


Graepels, consider the smallest of detail in order to achieve the highest quality when manufacturing your screens. Reviewing and inspecting all details from the crimping of wire, weaving, cutting and hooking to perforating punch plates, including rolling, folding, and welding. Our dedication to quality and service is guaranteed. ­

In order to avoid unnecessary downtime,we calculate and communicate forecasted usage of replacement screens, and hold stock accordingly. We can offer reminder emails near the date of screen replacement.


Graepels manufacture screens in a selection of materials for the Quarry and Recycling industry to list some; Rubber, Polyurethane, High Tensile Steel, High Carbon Stainless,Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. Offering a broad range of products;

Woven Wire Mesh Types

  • Square mesh: Long lasting, cost efficient
  • Rectangular slotted mesh: Economical to manufacture, has greater open area for increased flow. Variable slot length reduces flake content of material.
  • Self-Cleaning Screens: Prevent clogging and binding in difficult conditions, combination of crimped and straight wires. Wires vibrate independently of each other
  • Piano Wire Screens: Very good performance with regard to throughput and binding. Generally supplied for smaller screen sizes, where wet and sticky conditions exist.
  • Welded Mesh Screens: Cost effective, regulate material flow based on direction of cross wires, manufactured using up to 25mm diameter rod for difficult conditions such as scalping screens.

Various fixings for added strength include: Raw edge, hooked wire, welded insert, sheathed hook, U-Shaped hook

  • Woven Wire Mesh screens
  • Punch plate
  • Self-cleaning mesh
  • Welded mesh screens
  • Safe deck, walkways & steps/ladder rungs
  • Rubber and polyurethane screens
  • Piano wire screens
  • Square/rectangular and slotted mesh
  • Rubber Capping
  • Machine Guards
  • Washer bucket screens

Graepels manufacture products to suit a wide range of machinery including*:

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