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Graepels was founded in Hungary in 1889 and began supplying the first screening machines for agricultural use over 132 years ago. Today, Graepels remain quality manufactures of Milling screens for flour and animal feed, among a range of other products for the agricultural and food processing industries.

Milling and Animal Feed Milling Consumables

Graepels offer tailor made solutions and products made from perforated metal, woven wire, rubber or laser cutting for all our customer requirements. Whether its made to order or standard – ex stock we aim to facilitate by using the highest quality materials and manufacturing only the highest quality products. Ensuring durability and reliability every time.

Our diverse and wide range of products for different applications in the agricultural and food processing industry include: Milling screens, filters, mesh and animal feed milling consumables for agricultural equipment.

vermin mesh
Fly mesh
Animal feed milling screens
Hammer mill screens

Graepels are forerunners in innovation and tailor made solutions, we address our customers challenges and offer solutions.

Grading Screens

Graepels offer a range of perforation types (round, square slotted etc.) in a range of sizes and materials for grading screens for sorting, sizing, cleaning and grading. Grading screens can also be manufactured from woven mesh a more traditional use of mesh in grading screens, however perforated rubber is now being used more frequently in grading screens for potatoes.


Screening for separation and straining often requires perf and woven mesh products. Sometimes filters use a combination of both perforated metal and woven mesh usually in air filters which uses reinforced mesh backing. Graepels can manufacture bespoke filters and offer a range of filters to meet customer requirements

Air Flow

From ventilation, cooling equipment or drying grains, cheese and other food products Graepels can provide perforated, laser or woven mesh products depending on customer requirements. We work closely with you to ensure only the highest quality products, giving you excellent long lasting products.


Our diverse range of products means that we often manufacture a range of products for industries where an element of safety is required. Whether it is anti-slip flooring, machine guards, protective screens on accessways or platforms we can meet your requirements


  • Grain Aeration Screens
  • Hammer Mill Screens
  • Food Processing Screens
  • Sugar Industry screens
  • Smoking and Baking Trays
  • Shell fish grading screens
  • Cereal Cleaning Screens
  • Fly Screens
  • Rodent Screens
  • Drainage covers
  • Anti-Slip Safety Flooring

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rubber grading screens
Round and slotted perforated food processing screens, stainless steel
Potatoe washer
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