Fly & Vermin Mesh

Fly & Vermin Mesh

Graepels manufacture a range a range of Fly and Vermin Meshes in Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, Perforated Sheets and Woven Mesh

With stricter hygiene and food regulations, many food handling and preparation areas have requirements for Fly or Insect Mesh Screens and Vermin Mesh Screens. Our Perforated Metal and Woven Mesh Screens are the products of choice for businesses including hotels, cafes and food processing plants. Woven Fly Mesh is useful where visibility and airflow are essential, while Perforated Fly Mesh is used where durability is more important, for example, in areas such as doorways.

Fly & Vermin Mesh is often used in the following areas

  • Bakeries
  • Creameries
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Restaurants
  • Canteens
  • Pub Kitchens
  • Hotels
  • Roofing Vents


  • Fly Screen Meshes are manufactured with a maximum aperture size of 2mm
  • Vermin panels are manufactured with a maximum aperture size of 6.35mm
  • Graepels products which are suitable for Fly & Vermin mesh include Perforated Metal, Woven Wire and Wire Cloth


Fly Mesh Screens

  • Perforated Metal Fly Screens stop almost all airborne insects and are available in a 2mm aperture size. Perforated Metal is a popular choice as it offers a solid edge, is easy to work with and is quite a hygienic product. Perforated Fly Screens are generally supplied at a thickness of 0.8mm – 1mm in Aluminium
  • Fine Woven Mesh is suitable for Fly Screens. This is quite a fragile material and is not suited to high usage areas such as doorways, however, it is an ideal choice for more sheltered areas such as air vents. These screens have a raw edge when cut and the ends must be housed
  • Please Note: for areas where 100% protection is required, we recommend placing a Fine Woven Mesh Screen behind or before a Perforated Metal Screen


Vermin Mesh Screens

  • Perforated Metal is generally the material of choice for Vermin Mesh Screens due to its high strength. As Perforated Metal is a solid state product, it is also very hygienic.  It is available in a maximum aperture size of 6.35mm holes but cannot be Hot Dipped Galvanised. Perforated Vermin Mesh is generally manufactured in 0.8mm to 2mm thick Aluminium, depending on the size of the panel and the application
  • Woven Wire Screens are suitable for Vermin Mesh Screens. These are manufactured in High Tensile and Stainless Steel. These screens have a raw edge when cut, and the ends will need to be housed
  • Welded Mesh is our most economical mesh, however, it is not recommended for Fly & Vermin Screens as its aperture sizes are too large. In addition, Fine Woven Mesh Screens are available, but as they can become easily damaged, they are not suited to areas where vermin are present
  • Please Note: if both flies and vermin are of concern it is recommended that Fine Woven Mesh Screens and Perforated Metal Screens are used together


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