Woven Wire Products 

Woven Wire Products

Graepels are committed to manufacturing premium and high quality woven wire products for customers across the UK & Ireland

Woven wire mesh has a range of industrial and architectural applications, including woven mesh balustrade infill panels, quarry screens, cladding, facades, fencing, balconies and many more. Woven wire mesh is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional; offering high strength and durability. We have the advanced capabilities to produce a wide range of meshes including square double crimp, straight wire mesh, tartan mesh and lock slotted mesh.

woven wire balustrade infill panels
Woven Mesh Balustrade Infill

Woven Mesh Balustrade Infill

Woven wire balustrade infill panels are both visually pleasing and functional

Many advantages exist in using woven wire mesh products for balustrade infill panels. Woven mesh is ideal for architectural applications such as infill panels for balconies and balustrades as it offers high visibility and allows light to filter through .

Woven wire mesh
Woven Wire Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh

Graepels are dedicated and experienced suppliers of woven wire mesh in the UK & Ireland

This product has a high tensile strength which is more than twice that of mild steel, and this ensures it is strong and durable. As a highly versatile product, woven wire mesh offers flexibility in design where minor alterations can tranform the final look.

Filters and Fine Woven Mesh
Filters & Fine Woven Mesh

Filters & Fine Woven Mesh

Filters & fine woven mesh are produced for industries such as the petrochemical & pharmaceutical industries

Graepels have manufactured filters & fine woven mesh products for more than fifty years. These products are manufactured in galvanised mild steel, stainless steel and monel. Many other materials are also available to order by special request, such as brass, copper and phosphor bronze.

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