Woven Mesh Balustrade Infill Panels

Graepels are leading manufaturers of Woven Mesh Balustrade Infill Panels across the UK & Ireland, offering a wide variety of premium quality Woven Wire Mesh.
Woven wire, balustrade infill

A large range of patterns, apertures and sizes are available in Graepels Woven Mesh. Download the presentation (left) for applications of Woven Mesh Balustrade Infill Panels.

Woven Wire Patterns

Graepels manufacture a selection of Architectural Woven Wire Patterns for the Irish and UK market using crimped or straight wires, which are woven into different patterns using varying wire thicknesses and apertures.

For detailed information regarding available woven mesh patterns, please click here.

Technical Woven Mesh Infill Panels

  • Popular Materials: Mild Steel, Pre-Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
  • Woven mesh apertures: 1.6 mm to 150mm
  • Thickness: Popular thickness: 2 to 12mm
  • Sheet sizes: Woven Mesh panels are to a maximum of 6m long to 2.44m wide falling withing the standard range
  • Percentage open area: 50% to 75% open area other specifications can be manufactures to order
  • Manufacturing Services: Cutting, Rolling, Folding, Welding

Advantages of Woven Wire Mesh for Balustrade Infill

  • Woven Wire Mesh is available in an extensive range of mesh sizes, styles, wire thickness and finishes
  • Deterrent against graffiti due its high open area, in addition to preventing vandalism as wires are made from spring steel, with a tensile strength of 80-85 tonnes
  • Higher open area reduces the wind loads on structures
  • Woven wire mesh has a high open area, offering high visibility through the mesh, making it excellent for public spaces, e.g. pedestrian bridges, and in train stations where it acts as a deterrent against loitering
  • Great alternative to glass or Perforated Metal where a high strength to weight ratio is needed and weight needs to be kept to a minimum

Profile Edging

Manufacturing Perforated Metal sheeting with black margins can be costly and time-consuming.

Graepels Profile Edging is designed so that standard sheeting can be easily framed; this enables stock sheeting to be used, reducucing time and monetary costs. In addition, this creates a safe edge for all meshes, and is popularly used within the architectural industry.

Graepels manufacture the following Profile Edging types:

  • Click Profile: Click Profile round and rectangular frames raw edges and helps to make floppy sheets rigid
  • U-Strip: U Strip edging protects from sharp edges and frames all kinds of mesh

Technical Details

  • Thickness: Ranges from 0.6mm – 2.5mm, deending on the profile
  • Length of Profile: Click profile: 3m, U Strip: 81m
  • U Profile Depth: 6.35mm – 38.1mm
  • Gap: 1.8mm – 16mm

Drawing Guidelines

  • Drawing format: Graepel accept DWG or DXF we use AutoCad and Solid Works software packages
  • No need to scale: Drawings supplied 1:1 is time effective to programme and avoids errors

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