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Graepels manufacture Perforated, Rubber and Woven Mesh rotary screens which are bolted or welded into a drum for the Quarrying and Recycling Industries.

A trommel screen, also known as rotary screen, is a unit which is used in mineral and solid-waste processing industries. At Graepels we provide high tensile stainless steel mesh trommels and perforated screen plates. Graepels always ensures the highest quality High Tensile and High Carbon Stainless Steel Wire is used in our screens. Perforated screens are supplied in rubber or various steel types depending on the screening application.

Please Note: Overnight deliveries are available on stock items ordered before noon. Items not in stock are manufactured promptly to your requirements.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Graepel perforate and weave a full range of square, slotted and elongated meshes for all screen sizes. Screens can be supplied with raw edges, hooked or curved into Trommel- type rotary screens.

Perforated Metal Trommels | Technical Information

  • Hole size: 2 – 150mm
  • Hole Type: Round, Square, Slotted or Elongated holes are available
  • Thickness:1 – 25mm thick
  • Plate sizes: Plate sizes are up to 4m x 2m

Woven Wire Mesh Trommels | Technical Information

Woven Wire Mesh aperture: 2.5mm – 120mm

  • Woven Wire Thickness: 6mm – 13mm
  • Mesh Types: Square, Rectangular slotted
  • Crimp Types:
    • Flat Top – all mesh knuckles are on the underside, allowing material to move freely over the screen and keep plugging to a minimum
    • Double Crimp – Evenly crimped in warp and weft, providing rigid construction. Wires are under crimped and sprung together. Used mainly with lighter wires to ensure tension in a light screen
    • Lock Crimp –Variation of double crimp, ensures wires remain in their exact positions
    • Corrugated Crimp – Extra crimps in warp and weft with the wires seated in every third and fifth crimp. Rigid mesh when making slotted mesh even when aperture is large in relation to the diameter of the wire.

Rubber Trommels | Technical Information

We manufacture Rubber Trommel Screens to suit almost all makes of machinery and all types of mobile and static plant for the Quarrying and Recycling Industries. Rubber Trommel Screens are fabricated with a steel, plasma-cut plate, which supports the Rubber Screen. These screens are bolted onto the steel frame, which allows for quick and easy replacement and minimises downtime. Rubber Trommel Screens have increased thickness, without excessive additional weight. In addition, they are impact absorbing and perform with reduced noise levels and have a longer life span.

  • Heavy duty mats and supply screens are available up to 35mm thick
  • Many perforation shapes are available, including round, square, slotted and hexagonal
  • Rubber Screens are available from 4mm to 125mm

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