Self-Cleaning Screens & Piano Wires

Self cleaning screens, prevent clogging or binding in very difficult conditions. Screens are made up of crimped and straight wires connected by cross wires at regular intervals. The different wires vibrate independently of each other helping to avoid clogging or binding.

Piano wire screens give very good performance with regard to throughput and binding. These types of screens are generally supplied for smaller screen sizes where wet sticky conditions exist.

Self-cleaning Screens

Are manufactured using crimped or crimped and straight wires that are connected at few intervals along the screen, this enables the wires to vibrate independently and are therefore suitable for screening irregular shaped material.

Piano Wire Screens

Are made using straight parallel wires that are connected at few intervals along the screen giving a large elongated opening. This is useful for screening regular shaped material and makes for a more open screen with very high output.

Materials Available

High Tensile steel and Stainless Steel


  • Apertures: from 1 to 20mm
  • Wire thicknesses: from 0.65 to 3mm depending on screen specification
  • Screen size: all standard Sizes available

Beneficial Features of Self-cleaning screens

  • Individual wires vibrate independently at different frequencies helping to prevent material from clogging.
  • High throughput
  • Complete range of apertures


Quarry & Recycling Industry

General Fabrication

Made to suit screen-box requirement

Drawing Guidelines

  • Drawing format: Graepel accept DWG, DXF or PDF acceptable.
  • No need to scale: Drawings supplied 1:1 is time effective to programme and avoids errors
  • Please Specify:
    • mesh size or material size to be screened
    • Screen size in both directions
    • Tensioning details
    • Material to be screened

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