Rubber Screens and Polyurethane Screens

Rubber Screens and Polyurethane Screens are used for filtering materials that are not suitable for metal screens. They are an alternative to metal screens and most suited to wet areas.

Graepel Rubber & Polyurethane Screens offer superior screening efficiency in the most demanding of applications.

Materials Available

  • Rubber Screens

    Rubber Screens have a lower open area than wire mesh especially on smaller apertures. Although more costly in the short term, advantages include longer life spanand reduced noise levels. Ideal as an impact section on the upper part of a screen box or on a complete deck where required.

  • Polyurethane Screens

    Polyurethane Screensotherwise known as Flop and Flip Flow Mats, tend to be lighter, thinner and more flexible than rubber screens. They can be successfully punched in various perforated shapes with smaller apertures and work well where plugging is an issue.

Technical Information Rubber

  • Aperture size:0mm to 125mm
    Please note the minimum aperture should always be great then the rubber thickness
  • Thickness:up to 35mm
  • Sizes: 3m x 1.5, other smaller sizes are available
  • Percentage open area: 35% to 45% open area

Beneficial features of Rubber screens

  • Reduced noise level, non-corrosive in wet conditions
  • Does not suffer from pitting or stress corrosion (especially in the presence of sea water)
  • Does not suffer from fatigue which is accelerated by vibration of the screen
  • Cost effective
  • Punched rapidly from stock to suit specific requirements
  • Good dry abrasion resistance

Technical Information Rubber

  • Aperture size:0mm to 125mm
    Please note the minimum aperture should always be greater than the rubber thickness
  • Sizes: as required
  • Percentage open area: 35% to 45% open area
  • Grade Quality: Shore hardness to suit your requirements.

General Fabrication Drawing Guidelines

  • Drawing format:Graepel accept DWG, DXF and PDF
  • No need to scale:Drawings supplied 1:1 is time effective to programme and avoids errors


Cloths are made from a premium quality Natural SAR Grade Rubber with a shore hardnessof 65. It is widely used for the mineral processing industry specifically designed to display excellent resistance to impact abrasion to DIN22102. Our rubber screenis reinforced with a special heat treated polyester cord which is resistant to deformation during operation, enabling tension while in service without the need for adjustment. Rubber screen cloth has superior noise reduction qualities over metal screens, providing a better/safer working environment for your personnel.

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