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Woven Mesh Screens

Graepels High Tensile Woven Screens are manufactured using the highest quality wires. Graepels manufacture Perforated Screens in mild steel or stainless steel, with other materials available on request. Graepels weave a full range of square, slotted and elongated meshes and crimps for all screen sizes. Screens can be supplied flat with raw edges, hooked or curved into Trommel type Rotary Screens. We also manufacture Woven Mesh which can be rolled to radius.

Woven Wire Screens can be manufactured to meet your precise requirements. Alternatively, a range of Woven Mesh Screens are available from stock.

Woven Mesh Screens From Stock

Overnight deliveries are available on stock items ordered before noon. Items not in stock are manufactured to your requirements. Graepels offer a vast range of screen sizes available from stock. Screens can be hooked to specifications. Welded Mesh, Piano Screens and Self Cleaning Screens are available.


We manufacture Woven Mesh Screens for our customers to the following range of specifications:

  • High Tensile Woven Wire Mesh Aperture: 1.6 mm to 150 mm
  • Woven Wire Thickness: 1.2 mm – 13 mm
  • Mesh Types: Square Mesh, Rectangular Slotted Mesh and Elongated Mesh
  • Crimp Types: Flat Top, Double Crimp, Lock Crimp, Corrugated Crimp 

Please find further detailed information below.

Mesh Types

Rectangular Slotted Mesh

 Rectangular Slotted Mesh

Rectangular Slotted Mesh is economical to manufacture, and has a greater open area for increased air flow where binding or clogging occurs. The variable slot lengths mean it is often used to reduce flake content of material to acceptable levels.

Extra Long Slotted Mesh

 Extra Long Slotted Mesh

Extra Long Slotted Mesh is manufactured with double or triple cross wires. It is stronger and more cost effective in comparison to Piano Wire or Self-Cleaning Screens. It provides a high open area and higher throughput than normal slotted mesh, decreasing the risk of clogging or binding.

Square Mesh

Square Mesh

With an expanded lifespan, Square Mesh is the most cost efficient of the Woven Mesh range with an expanded lifespan. The formation of the wire allows for screening and production of regular shaped material. Square Mesh decreases the risk of clogging.

Self-Cleaning Screens and Piano Wires

Self Cleaning Screens

These screens are recommended where the prevention of clogging and anti-pegging are required, or in very difficult areas. Crimped and straight wires are connected by cross wires at regular intervals. The wires vibrate independently of each other.

Self-Cleaning Screens and Piano Wires

Piano Wire Screens

While more ‘fragile’ when compared to other screens, Piano Wire gives an excellent performance with throughput and binding. These Wire Screens are generally supplied for smaller screen sizes where wet and sticky conditions exist.

Crimp Types

Flat Top

Knuckles on the underside allow material to move freely over the screen. Flat top crimping extends the life of the Wiven Screen and helps to avoid pegging.

Double Crimp

Evenly crimped in warp and weft, the wires are spung together resulting in a tight mesh. This is used mainly with lighter wires to ensure tension for lighter Woven Screens.

Lock Crimp

A variation of the double crimp to ensure the wires remain in position for medium or heavy loaded Woven Screens in quarries, sand and gravel pits and mines.

Corrugated Crimp

Extra crimps in warp and weft, the wires are seated in every third and fifth crimp. Corrugated mesh gives rigidity when manufacturing Slotted Mesh, even when the aperture is large in relation to the diameter of the wire.

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Woven Mesh Types

  • Rectangular Slotted Mesh
  • Extra Long Slotted Mesh
  • Square Mesh
  • Self Cleaning Screens
  • Piano Wire Screens
  • Expanded Mesh

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