Profile Edging, Punchings & Custom Punch Washers, Welded Mesh & Expanded Mesh

In addition to perforating woven mesh and perforated metal products, Graepels specialise in producing profile edging, punching & custom punch washers, welded mesh & expanded mesh products.

As the UK & Ireland’s leading manufacturer of perforated metal and woven mesh products, our product range is diverse and includes metal profile edging, punchings & custom punch washers, welded mesh and expanded mesh. These products have a variety of uses and applications. For example, Graepels profile edging saves both time and money, as it allows standard metal sheeting to be framed with ease. In addition, our woven mesh & expanded mesh products have many applications within industries such as the engineering industry and security industry. Finally, Graepels supply custom punch washers which have a number of applications including weight bags and ballasts for boats.

Metal Profile Edging
Profile Edging

Profile Edging

Graepels manufacture profile edging for perforated metal and woven mesh.

Manufacturing perforated metal sheets with blank margins can be costly and time consuming when many different sizes and small quantities of panels are involved. Graepels profile edging are designed so that standard metal sheets can be easily framed enabling stock sheeting to be used and, therefore, saving time and money.

Custom Punch Washers
Punchings & Custom Punch Washers

Punchings & Custom Punch Washers

Graepels punchings & custom punch washers have a wide array of uses and applications.

We supply punchings and custom punch washers in a variety of perforation shapes and materials. Popular aperture shapes include round, square, slotted and elongated. In addition, an extensive range of materials are available, including aluminium, stainless steel, brass and copper.

Welded & Expanded Mesh
Welded Mesh & Expanded Mesh

Welded Mesh & Expanded Mesh

In addition to woven wire mesh, Graepels manufacture both welded & expanded mesh products.

Graepels welded mesh is available in a variety of materials including mild steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel. It is available in sheet and coil, but can also be supplied in made-to-size measurements by special request. Our expanded mesh is available in mild steel, pre-galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

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