Graepels LightProfile Grating

LightProfile metal grating acts as an excellent alternative to open mesh floor gratings, offering many key advantages for our customers in the UK and Ireland.

In comparison with traditional open mesh gratings, LightProfile offers wider support widths and additional slip resistance, without compromising its high open area.

LightProfile vs Flat Bar Grating

LightProfile is an excellent alternative to flat bar grating with the following characteristics:
  • LightProfile offers extreme drainage, with an open area of 74% to 80%, depending on the grating width
  • It offers an extreme drainage effect, excellent slip resistance and displacement as well as a high transverse stiffness
  • LightProfile is an ideal choice for areas where high dirt volumes and precipitation can put underfoot safety at risk
  • Available in a variety of materials, for example stainless steel & aluminium, and finishes, for example hot dip galvanisation and pre-galvanisation
  • LightProfile gratings are available in length up to 6,000mm which can be cut to length by special request
  • LightProfile is incredibly versatile as the angle of the flat bar can be changed for certain applications, such as cladding, as it allows light and air into the building

Popular applications for Graepels LightProfile Grating

LightProfile steel grating is ideal for any area where underfoot safety is of high importance. It offers many key advantages for areas with high precipitation or dirt volumes.
  • LightProfile is often used in machine and plant manufacturing where underfoot safety is compromised due to precipitation or dirt volumes
  • It is an excellent choice for walkways in areas of extreme precipitation, for example, on crane arms and on ski lifts
  • Its high percentage open area ensures that visibility is unobstructed, meaning it is well suited to work areas
  • LightProfile metal grating is commonly installed as a walking surface on crushers and agricultural machines and as coverings capable of being walked on for bunkers and pits

Galvanised LightProfile Cladding

With its highly versatile properties, Graepels LightProfile grating may also be used in various architectural applications including perforated cladding and rainscreen cladding. The image above showcases SafeDeck LightProfile Grating, which has been fabricated for a metal curtain wall. This is an ideal choice for areas which require a high open area, as it provides increased air flow for areas which require ventilation such as car parks.

Graepels offer bespoke manufacturing and tailored solutions for special applications. Talk to a member of the Graepels team today to discuss your unique requirements.