Maritime Ballast

Graepels supply custom Ballast for the marine industry. We supply various weights for an extensive range of vessels, including specialized, commercial, pleasure, naval and cruise ships.

Ballast is used in the marine industry to counterbalance the height and the weight of the boat. Ballasts is placed in the deepest part of the hull and is distributed evenly. Adding the correct amount settles the boat in lower water which in turn makes it stable and safer. Ballast distributes weight to counteract buoyancy and to provide stability. Our metal ballast can be used in ships to provide moment to resist the lateral forces in the sail. Ballast can also be used in a variety of sectors which include renewable energy, engineering, heaving lifting, testing, agricultural and aviation.

Marine Ballast Application

Graepels have a new product on the market and we are now selling 1 to two tonne bags of ballast. Ballast is made up of Punching’s in Galvanized mild steel, mixed sizes. The maritime sector uses either fixed weight (cast weights) or loose metal punching’s (ballast) to provide stability. In the circumstance of larger vessels, i.e. container ships, freight ships and bulk carriers marine ballast keeps the vessel trim. This ensures the primary control surface (rudder) and the propeller are immersed supporting the maneuverability of the vessel and reduces the exposed hull surface.

Ballast Weights

High density weights for a range of industry sectors in maritime; Civil engineering, marine and aquaculture.

  • Density 4.1 – 4.5. Tonnes per Sq Mtr.

General Information

  • Standard size 1.5 mm – 13mm
  • 1.5mm – 6mm on request
  • Loose Bulk Fill Packaging
  • Standard 1 to 2 tonne Bulk Bags with Bottom Discharge

Ballast Material

We offer marine Ballast that is suitable for different vessels. Our marine Ballast is a blend of various grades of punching’s in galvanized steel, Graepels can offer a range of densities and sizing to meet your requirements.

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