Ladder Rungs 

Graepels UK and Ireland Non Slip Ladder Rungs

Graepels manufacture perforated ladder rungs for Ireland and the UK with ultimate safety in mind. Our perforated ladder rungs provide added grip resulting in a non slip surface for underfoot safety and a secure grip.

Safedeck Non Slip Ladder Rungs

Graepels perforated metal non slip ladder rungs are offered in a variety of dimensions and perforation shapes. Ladder Rungs are manufactured with cutouts, perforated edges or alternatively without perforated edges. Graepels fabricate to customers specifications for their desired lengths. Please note other dimensions are available on request. Contact for more information.

Graepels manufacture perforated metal non slip ladder rungs in a variety of materials including; Stainless Steel, Hot-Dipped Galvanize and Aluminium. 

non slip materials and finishes
The above summarizes the materials Graepels SafeDeck range uses for Ladder Rungs, Steps and Walkways.

Featured Non Slip Ladder Rungs UK and Ireland

Graepels are Industry leaders in manufacturing Perforated Metal Ladder Rungs. Our anti-slip SafeDeck Perforated Ladder Rungs offer added grip and are designed with ultimate safety in mind.

Graepels Perforated metal ladder rungs key advantages including improved safety and slip resistance, ease of installation, improved aesthetics, increased durability and increased choice. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, our UK and Irish customers can be assured that Graepels Perforated Ladder Rungs are manufactured to the highest quality and specifications.

 Popular SafeDeck Non Slip Stair Treads

 Please find below Graepels popular ladder rungs manufactured and supplied to the UK and Ireland. Graepels ladder rungs are designed with ultimate safety in mind. Our ladder rungs are supplied in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel (DD 11 Raw). Our perforated patterns ensure underfoot safety and secure grip – even under extreme working conditions. For more information on loading and support click on the button above. (Loading Diagrams)

non slip ladder rung

Graepels-22-Round 8

Graepels non slip stair treads suitable for outdoor stairs or for areas where a high slip resistance is required.

Graepels 22 round 8 are available in steps and stair treads offer excellent anti-slip and drainage. These steps use one perforation type. The upturned perforations provide added grip for the user.

non slip ladder rung


Graepels 55 metric non slip stair tread is an ideal solution for areas where a high slip resistance is required.

The prominent characteristic of Graepel 55 metric include raised perforations providing drainage and slip resistance. The center of the ladder rung has large countersunk perforations. Graepels 55 Metric has a one of the highest slip resistances within the Safedeck range.

Ladder Rungs

Graepels-30-Round 6

Graepels 30 round 6 step is suitable for a wide range of applications, the perforations are flatter then that of Graepels 22 round 8

Graepels 30 round 6 has an un-perforated edge with 6mm holes and a staggered pitch, the raised perforations give much needed grip for underfoot safety.

ladder rung

Graepels 64 Perl

The ‘Pearl’ pattern does not offer drainage it is the only safedeck pattern with embossed perforations.

“Graepel Pearl” can be used in applications within the private and public sectors and can also be applied in the industrial sector. Pearl steps and stair treads are comfortable underfoot as there are no ‘open perforations’.

Perforated Drainage
non slip graepels
No drainage

Perforated Metal Non Slip Stair Treads

  • Safety & Slip Resistance: Graepels Perforated Ladder rungs, know as Safedeck is an ideal choice offering increased slip-resistance and safety through its upward embossment of the Perforations
  • Ease of Installation: Our Perforated ladder rungs s are manufactured to customer specs for ease of installation. Graepels offer Anti-Slip edge teeth for the front edge of ladder rungs. Perforated strips with embossed or countersunk perforations are also an ideal solution for anti-slip surfaces
  • Increased Choice: Graepels metal Safedeck ladder rungs are available in a range of ‘Perforation types’
  • Quality: Manufactured and compliant with EN and ISO standards

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