Perforated Metal Balustrade Infill Panels

Graepels are industry leaders in Metal Perforation in the UK and Ireland since 1959. Our Perforated Sheets have a range of Architectural applications, and are a popular choice for Infill Panels for stairways and balconies.

Perforated Balustrade Infill Panels Product Range | UK & Ireland

As industry leaders in metal perforation across the UK and Ireland, Graepels offer a variety of metal materials, finishes, aperture sizes and perforation patterns including standard, decorative and bespoke Perforated Metal Sheets. Graepels Perforated Balustrade Infill Panels can be manufactured to your precise requirements.

For the full range of Graepels Metal Perforation capabilities visit our Perforated Metal Products page.

Technical Details

  • Hole size: 2 mm to 50mm (other hole sizes are also available but not recommended)
  • Thickness: Popular thickness: 2 to 4mm (other thicknesses also available)
  • Sheet sizes: Standard sheet sizes – 2x1m, 2.5×1.25m and 3×1.5m, special sizes also available to order
  • Percentage open area: 20% to 50% open area standard – extreme open areas available
  • Popular Materials: Mild Steel, Pre-Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Corten
  • General Fabrication Services include: Cutting, Rolling, Folding, Welding

Drawing Guidelines

  • Drawing format: Graepel accept DWG or DXF we use AutoCad and Solid Works software packages
  • No need to scale: Drawings supplied 1:1 is time effective to programme and avoids errors
Balustrade Infill

Why Choose Perforated Infill Panels?

Metal Infills are popular amongst our customers in Ireland and the UK for a number of key reasons. Perforated Panels for stairways and balconies offer many advantages:

  • It is easily cut and folded, thus three dimensional corners on stair returns do not pose an issue and, in addition, moisture traps cannot form
  • The solid state characteristic of Perforated Metal is favourable to other types of mesh as there are no areas where water or dirt can lodge
  • Due to its open area, it is favourable for wind absorption and rain deflection
  • Pattern-Perf and Picture-Perf have aesthetical advantages over standard meshes. Please refer to our Picture-Perf and Bespoke metal products to learn more

Project Inspiration

Below we have highlighted some recent Architectural applications of our Perforated Metal Balustrade Infill Panels, highlighting the diverse range of shapes, styles and apertures available from Graepels. Our Metal Sheets are commonly used in balconies and stairways.
Visit our Project Gallery to discover more.


Manufacturing Perforated Metal sheeting with blank margins can be costly and time-consuming.

Graepels Profile Edging is designed so that standard sheeting can be easily framed; this enables stock sheeting to be used, reducing time and monetary costs. In addition, this creates a safe edge for all meshes, and is popularly used within the architectural industry.


  • Click Profile: Click Profile round and rectangular frames raw edges and helps to make floppy sheets rigid
  • U-Strip: U Strip edging protects from sharp edges and frames all kinds of mesh


  • Thickness: Ranges from 0.6mm – 2.5mm, deending on the profile
  • Length of Profile: Click profile: 3m, U Strip: 81m
  • U Profile Depth: 6.35mm – 38.1mm
  • Gap: 1.8mm – 16mm


Graepels is Now CPD Accredited