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At Graepels we provide a wide range of perforation shapes and patterns including; round, dimple, square and slotted. Bespoke perforation patterns and shapes are available.

Graepels Perforated Metal is known for its exceptional quality and durability. We make perforated metal exactly to your specifications.

Recent investments allow for smaller and more economical batches of different specifications to be supplied.

Perforated Patterns

Standard patterns of perforation include; 60, 90 and 45-degree orientation. Perforated patterns are also available in one-hole size or a variety of different hole sizes and shapes. Bespoke patterns and pitches are designed to individual customer’s requests.

Graepel offer an extensive range of perforation types ready for production.

At Graepel we can customise tooling to your exact requirement in our advanced and expert Tooling Department.

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