The RMS Lusitania

Picture-Perf depiction of the RMS Lusitania

Depicting photo-realistic imagery, this Picture-Perf piece has been manufactured in 3mm aluminium, and was donated to the Lusitania and Old Head Signal Tower Heritage committee. The finished piece is comprised of 34,513 perforations of varying hole sizes which give shading and depth to the finished piece. This project was fabricated using 3mm marine grade aluminium which was powdercoated in RAL7021. The perforated panel measures approximately 3m in width and 1.4m in height and is raised 700mm from the ground, giving a total height of 2.1m.
The correct placement of the piece was essential as ‘background’ noise, such as trees and signage, can interfere with the clarity and transparency of the Picture-Perf image. JJ Hayes, the Chairman of the local committee was one of the key people involved in the planning and placement of the piece. The Picture-Perf sea and sky align perfectly with the natural coastline, acting as a subtle reminder of times gone by.

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