Graepels and The Egg Folding Origami Perf

Design POP Festival

Alex Pentek and The Egg

The Egg was made from perforated and hinge steel. Graepels fabricated this folding origami pavilion for Alex Pentek.

Design POP

Design POP was Corks first food and design festival which was held from May 17th-19th 2019. Design Pop combined design and food by holding a hybrid festival where six of Ireland’s well-known designers were paired with six leading local food producers.  Working closely together they created 6 pop-up pavilions across Cork city centre. There was a food market in Thompson house where taste sessions were held by many loved businesses including Cork Coffee Roasters, Basil, Loving Salads and Taste. Founder of design POP, Amy Keogh is an Architect and a Cork Native who studied in UCC. There was many thought provoking talks and workshops carried out over the weekend. Japanese chef Takashi Miyazaki a Michelin star holder was among the speakers over the weekend.


The Egg design first ‘hatched’ on the 22nd of February when Alex Pentek came to use inquiring about hinge tools and materials at Graepels. The hinges were to be the whole length of the panels which would interlock to create an origami design. Alex has a longtime interest in origami which he incorporates into his art. What Alex had in mind was folding origami using a special hinging mechanism.


Corten was then chosen as it is the most economical metal. The hinge tooling was used as it allowed the greatest flexibility in hinge movement. Corten is usually used for all landscaping and outdoor construction as weathering steel has an attractive appearance and requires minimal upkeep.


The panels were 1.2mm Corten with 6.35mm diameter holes to allow the light to shine through the panels. A hinge tool was then used to create the hinges which allowed the panels to swivel from the egg shape to the standing position. These hinges were fixed with stainless steel pins for strength in order to support the weight of the panels.


Each of the panels were individually programmed, there was 5 types of panels used to make up the design. The corners of the panels were rounded on the Trumpf machine to avoid sharp edges as it is in a public area.

Finished Display

The finished display of The Egg was left in the raw state of corten. It rusted slightly over the period of the weekend. The Egg was locked in place with the angles of the panels. They were then bolted to a base plate.


Alex’s hope for this piece is that it is developed into a more usuable apace. A modern day sculpture that reverts to an artistic display when not in use.

Concept Development

The concept of ‘The Egg’ was inspired by folding origami surfaces. The Egg is a one of a kind pavilion that aimed to capture people’s imagination and appetite across the weekend. The canopy neatly folds away at night to become and abstract egg sculpture, symbolically one of the most important ingredients used in baking. This then tied in with Apple Bee’s cakes part in Design POP.

  • Egg Pavilion Origami Perf
  • Perforated Metal
  • Origami Perforated Metal
  • Egg Pavilion
  • Egg Pavilion Origami Perf
  • Perforated Corten
  • Origami Perf
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