Perforated Metal Pavilion Design

Perforated Folding Origami

Graepels offer bespoke designs to all customers and work with many architects to create unique perforated metal products.  Graepels recently fabricated a folding origami pavilion named The Egg which was designed by Alex Pentek. This was created using hinge tools which interlocked to create the folding metal design. Corten was used as it is the most economical metal. The perforated Corten sheets were fabricated for Design POP, a hybrid festival that interlinked food and design.

Graepels panels were 1.2mm Corten with fixed hinges of stainless steel pins for strength while allowing the panels to swivel from the egg shape to the standing position. The decorative panels created an egg like sculpture through geometric shapes. The finished Egg was left in it’s raw state. Weathering steel has an attractive appearance and requires minimum up keep. The Egg sculpture is a modern day sculpture that reverts to an artistic display when not in use.

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