Perforated Corten Sheets


Perforated Corten sheets are strong, durable and are used in many architectural applications, however, weight is an important consideration as Corten is substantially heavier then Aluminium.Graepels supply and manufacture perforated corten sheets. Corten is also known as a ‘weathering steel.’

When using  COR-TEN steel for Architectural purposes, the ‘stabilising’ process is an important consideration. In order to minimise rust stain due to the ‘runoff’ of rust in the initial weathering stages the panels must be some way stabilised before being installed on site.

The weathering process can be quickened through various process including pickling. Graepels recommend ordering perforated corten in advance of installment as ‘stabilisation’ of the panels can take between 2-6 months when leaving it weather ‘naturally’.

Our Experience

Graepels have over 57 years experience in dealing with a wide range of metals. We manufacture a large selection of products in Corten.

In 2014 Graepels designed and manufactured a Perforated Walkway for Hugo Buggs’ Chelsea flower show garden which won gold. We understand the capabilities and considerations when choosing materials for their application and perforation.

Secular Changes in Rust Appearance

In the inital stage of application, COR-TEN shows a yellowish appearance. This is followed by a gradual change in the colour of the protective rust from brown to a ‘stablised’ dark brown after one to two years in ‘general’ application environments. Afterwards, the colouration shows no clear change, except perhaps to a deeper dark brown.


Advantages of Perforated Corten

  • Once corroded a concrete type texture forms on the surface giving added grip making it ideal for Perforated flooring providing drainage, texture and grip
  • Corten is a structural steel it has a higher tensile strength to other everyday steel perfect for peroforated flooring, fencing and public sculptural pieces
  • Easy to form, perforate and weld

Metal Fabrication

Graepels offers the following services; Cutting, Rolling, Folding, Welding etc. Please see manufacturing section on our website for more information.

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