Hot Dipped Galvanised Perforated Sheets

Hot dipped galvanised steel

Perforated hot dipped galvanised sheets are a cost effective solution for long term to medium protection, although non cosmetic in appearance in terms of Architectural applications, galvanised sheets can be painted.  They provide a cost effective, long term protective solution.

When applying  hot dipped galvanised perforated sheets it is important to consider the perforation size. The perforations must be large enough so as to avoid zinc webbing across the perforations during the galvanising process.

Graepels highly recommend going no smaller then 13mm in perforation diameter if the Perforated Sheets are being hot dipped galvanized. 10mm – 12mm can technically be used, however, the risk of zinc webbing increases greatly.

Corrosion protection for steel, sacrificial action

Hot dip Galvanizing is a cost effective solution to corrosion protection as it protects the steel from rust. The steel is protected by the zinc which corrodes instead of the steel, essentially sacrificing itself to protect the steel. If the steel is damaged the corrosion ‘products’ from the zinc are deposited on the damaged area of the sheet, thereby resealing it from the atmosphere preventing the sideways creep of corrosion.  Galvanizing can protect the steel for up to 70 years if applied in the correct in environment.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Perforations

Perforated Galvanized Metal

Zinc webbing in 4mm perforations

Webbing in Galvanised Metal

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