Perforated Aluminium Sheets

Graepels UK & Ireland Perforated Aluminium

Graepels Perforated Aluminium Sheets are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are compliant with ISO quality standards and UKAS in Ireland and the UK.

Graepels have over 60 years experience in dealing with various materials and their applications. We Perforated Aluminium Sheets in a variety of patterns and shapes or standard off the shelf sheets. For more unique applications Graepels offer specialized, bespoke solutions. Aluminium is versatile with a large range of finishes including anodizing and powder coating.


Perforated Aluminium sheets work well aesthetically and are formed and fabricated easily making them ideal for Architectural Applications. Mild Steel and Stainless Steel are stronger materials and more durable than Aluminium if comparing the same sheet thickness, however, Aluminium is almost three times lighter making it a favorable material for cladding particularly where weight is an important consideration.

The specific gravity of Mild and Stainless Steel is approximately 8 kilos per square meter with 1mm thickness, while Aluminium is 2.75 kilos. Perforating Aluminium Sheets further decreases the weight, making it an ideal material for situations where minimum weight is essential such as ventilation panels, cladding panels and ceiling tiles.

Perforated Aluminium Sheets are easily manufactured and can be cut, rolled and folded with ease.

Perforated Aluminum Finishes

Aluminium Anodized

Anodized Aluminium is a good medium to long term solution for corrosion protection and delivers a high quality cosmetic finish with a high resistance to fading. Anodizing is a transparent finish integral with the metal, it retains and enhances characteristics of Aluminum. Anodizing with darker colours can be costly as the Perforated Aluminium Sheets will be ‘dipped’ in the tank for longer.

Aluminium Powder Coating

Powder coating Perforated Aluminium Sheets is another good medium to long term solution with a very good cosmetic finish. The formula for powder coating paints has developed greatly over the years and as a result are more resistant to fading. There are varying ‘powder classes’ generally class 1 is used for the majority of Architectural metalwork while class 2 is generally is used in high weather facades.

For large scale jobs we order powder in one batch to avoid any inconsistency from batch to batch.

Advantages of Perforated Aluminium

  • Easily finished with powder coating or anodize coatings with a vast range of colours
  • Light weight making it ideal for cladding and other architectural applications
  • Largest selection of perforation shapes, sizes and configurations
  • Readily to formed and Perforated
  • Longevity of Perforated Aluminium Sheets due to durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor
  • Variety of Aluminium Grades
  • Environmentally Friendly Aluminium can be recycled repeatedly through remelting

Metal Fabrication

Graepels offers the following services; Cutting, Rolling, Folding, Welding etc. Please see manufacturing section on our website for more information.

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