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Anti-Slip Ramps

Why is underfoot safety important?

Underfoot safety is extremely important for portable spaces. Slip accidents around the world cause some of the most costly injuries. Slip and resistant flooring is a must have for health and safety for obvious reasons. Graepels portable ramps can be used as trench bridges, or on construction sites where the general public require access. Graepels Portable ramps are an ideal product which fold up for ease of transportation and placement.

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What is slip resistance?

Slip resistance is referred to as the roughness of a surface that creates a positive traction which in turn curtails the risk of accidents that may occur. The slip resistance is measured by a pendulum test, this measures the amount of coefficient friction of the surface. The pendulum test mimics the way in which a pedestrian’s heel strikes the surface. The conditions for this test can be wet, dry or contaminated.

Graepels, Portable Ramps, Safety, Anti SlipBenefits of Portable Ramps

  • Prevention of accidents where people would slip or fall
  • Easily transportable
  • Suitable for almost all work areas
  • Making a safer working environment for employees and visitors
  • Easy to install with minimum or no disruption to your household or company
  • Hygienic and stain resistant

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Our Product

At Graepels we understand the importance of underfoot safety in both public spaces and on construction sites, our ramps have been engineered for optimum underfoot safety. The ramps are fabricated in aluminum and are perforated using both embossed and debossed perforations which provide added grip and drainage. Graepels ramps span trenches and sink holes up to a width of 3,800 mm (at a bridge length of 4,000 mm). The ramps being fabricated in aluminum, mean they are light weight, easy to handle and easy to set up. Graepels Portable ramps are suitable for the toughest of conditions for everyday work on construction sites.

The ramps are fabricated in Graepels Special 8-8 profile which offers a high slip resistance provided by the perforations which give added grip for safety and drainage.

The integrated access ramp allows wheel chair users, pedestrians, prams and bikes to safely cross.

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