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The Royal Institute of Architects Ireland

Graepels are delighted to announce that we are now CPD accredited with the RIAI, The Royal Institute of Architects Ireland, who promote, support and regulate Architects in Ireland.

Over the past few months we have worked diligently to produce an informative seminar, ‘Perforated metal, the hole story’ that focuses on:

  • Understanding the potential design issues and limitations
  • Applications such as cladding, balustrade infill etc.
  • Other perforating possibilities such as picture perf and decorative metal sheeting
  • The BS standards relating to perforated metal
  • Other technical design issues

‘Perforated metal, the hole story’

‘Perforated metal, the hole story’ aims to give the recipient a knowledgeable insight into perforated metal as we explore what physically happens to raw material during the perforation process.

During perforation, it is normal for microscopic stretching to occur. When raw material is heavily perforated, there is a high open area, which causes extreme stretching resulting in the need for further fabrication such as levelling. At Graepels sheets are levelled to ensure optimum flatness in accordance with our quality control.

Perforated metal stretched sheet


Perforated metal sheet leveled









Our Aim

Our aim is to give valuable information, allowing our customers to make informed decisions in the design development stages of their projects. Applying industry knowledge ultimately increases the use of time and resources, making projects time efficient and cost effective.

For further information on our CPD please contact us by email or alternatively call 00 353 21 477 2105.


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