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Perforated Metal

Bespoke Designs

Graepels specialize in engineering and bespoke designs. We manufacture products for a number of industry sectors which include Architecture, Landscaping & Garden Design, Maritime & Fisheries, Agricultural, Quarrying & Recycling, Public Art & Sculpture, Safety & Security and much more. There has been lots of other perforated metal manufactured over the summer months in various materials, sheets sizes an thicknesses.

A project that the Graepels team have been working on over the last number of months is our Bespoke Perforated World pictured below that is being fabricated at the moment. We cannot wait to see what the finished product is like!

Graepels Globe

Perforated Ceiling Panels

Graepels recently perforated ceiling panels for Otterbox at Hibernian house South Mall. Perforated metal ceiling panels are proven to reduce echo and sound reflections. Metal ceilings offer excellent performance levels all round as well as being very aesthetically pleasing. These panels have created a very striking visual effect to the room’s interior design.

Perforated sheets when applied in cladding is also an effective way to brighten up any structure and make it aesthetically pleasing while still providing a practical purpose. Cladding can allow natural light to pass through depending on the specifications of the perf and acts as a barrier to protect from wind and sunlight.

Otterbox Ceiling Panels

New Product Alert

Marine Ballast

Graepels have a new product on the market and are now supplying Marine Ballast for the marine industry. Ballast is used to counterbalance the height and weight of boats when placed in the deepest part of the hull. The Ballast is made up of Punching’s in Galvanized mild steel, mixed sizes. Ballast can also be used in a variety of sectors which include renewable energy, engineering, heaving lifting, testing, and agricultural and aviation.

Marine Ballast

We also dispatched a huge job this month that had over 300 meters squared of 316 L Stainless Steel with 6.4m x 2m Jumbo Panel in the mix, this is definitely something you don’t see every day!


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