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Perforated Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical

Graepels Ireland and UK have over 60 years of industry expertise. We are committed to manufacturing quality pharmaceutical stainless steel products. We understand that experience is built upon finding solutions to problems, so we aim to work closely with our customers to achieve their desired specifications.

Graepels are ISO Quality certified and have the capabilities to manufacture stainless steel component parts, bespoke products and standard products including; stairs, access steps, ladder rungs, machine gaurds. For more information on concept designs or our capabilities email

Stainless Steel 316

Stainless steel is used in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries because it is a highly stable material under a variety of different environmental conditions.

There are over 200 types of stainless steel however, there are four main pharmaceutical grades of stainless steel that are used in the industry: Stainless 304, 304L, Stainless 316 and 316L. These stainless steel grades are not reactive. However, that being said stainless steel 316 is more resistant then 304 against acid and base attacks. Stainless steel is a safe choice with its’ combination of aesthetic qualities, resistance to hostile chemical compounds and the protection from contamination.

The top four uses of Stainless Steel in the pharmaceutical industry are; for sterilization, as parts for the pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery and equipment, cryogenic storage containers and as parts which are used facilitate drying. Graepels have the capabilities to manufacture bespoke and standard metal products from stainless steel in high volumes.

Stainless steel table

Stainless steel medical table

Perforated pharmaceutical tube holder

perforated stainless steel pharmaceutical

Autoclave (steam sterilizer)

Stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment

Graepels will work your designs and your exact specifications using precision manufacturing. Graepels have the skills, expertise and capabilities to manufacture bespoke quality products and will work your concept designs to create bespoke equipment.

Stainless 316 in Pharmaceutical Industry

Why use perforated metal pharmaceutical and Laboratories?

Safety, is just one of the many reasons why stainless steel is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Stainless steel is not reactive with many chemicals, has a non porous surface, corrosion resistant, can withstand elevated pressures and temperatures and offers a stable environment that can be easily cleaned. 

Perforated stainless steel has many qualities which makes it ideal in component parts in both equipment and machine parts.

Perforated metal can have a high open area depending on the perforation sizes chosen, this allows both air and light through. Perforations allow for drainage and make the product lighter however, the material still obtains its’ strength to weight ratio. 

Stainless steel is available to manufacture into perforated sheets using wide range of shapes and sizes that can be altered based on customers specifications an requirements, for example long round end slotted holes are often used as drainage both internally and externally yet trays for autoclaves use round perforations.

Graepels supply perforated top for clean room tables and can alter the perforations to avoid turbulence between the perforations. We can offer 6mm diameter perforations and 40% open area for bench top air flow.

Perforated Metal Technical Capabilities 
  • Perforation size1mm-154mm (additional Perforation sizes are available on request)
  • Sheet Thickness: Popular thickness0.75mm – 12mm. Graepels can perforate up to 25mm thick on special request/order
  • Sheet sizes: Standard sizes include 2mx1m2.5mx1.25m and 3mx1.5m. Sheets 4mx2m are perforated on our larger machines. Longer lengths up to 6m perforated by special request.
  • Percentage open area: All open areas are physically possible but standard tooling tends to be between 20% and 60%
Our advanced and expert tooling department allows us to customize tooling to your exact requirements.
  • Perforated patterns are available in one-hole size or a variety of different hole sizes and shapes
  • Bespoke patterns and pitches are designed to individual customer’s requests
  • Different Perforated Metal types are also available in flush, embossed (raised), countersunk and louvered
  • Standard staggered pitch include; 60, 90 and 45-degree orientation
Stainless Steel finishes

Graepels can provide electropolising which eliminates embedded contaminates and corrosion that are caused by impurities, solvents and cleaners. Electropolishing smooths any irregularities such as pits or burs it also removes metal ions from the steel which can cause corrosion under some environments. The result is an ultra hard protective finish.

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