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Metal Products for Industrial Use

Perforated metal can has a number of qualities which makes it ideal for application in the construction and industrial industry sectors. Perforated Metal products such as flooring play an important role where underfoot safety is a priority.

Graepels metal gratings known as safedeck are a range of slip resistant stair treads/steps, stairs, ladder rungs and platforms which offer maximum safety for you and your team in the work place.

We supply these sheet metal gratings, stairs and platforms for application in renewable energy plants including; wind turbines, wind farms and biogas plants which need to be accessed for service and maintenance. Graepels perforated metal flooring (safedeck) allows for such accessibility through such systems; gratings, stairs, catwalks, ladders and platforms.

For best performance we use aluminium and stainless steel. Where corrosion is an issue we recommend the use of our hot dip galvanized steel grates which are durable and low maintenance. Our metal flooring, steps etc. are available in a variety of material thickness depending on the desired resilience and durability required for specific applications. Perforated metal flooring allows for slip resistance, drainage and underfoot safety.

Anti-slip metal flooring
Safety flooring, steel gratin
Antislip step
Metal walkway, safety grating_industrial use
safedeck metal ladder rungs
access platform, steel platform

Metal Products used in Construction

Graepels safety flooring is one option used in a variety of application for safety within the industrial sectors. However, perforated metal and woven wire mesh are used in building and construction.

Benefits of using perforated metal  and woven mesh in building and construction:
  • Provide ventilation
  • Allow the passage of moisture through roofs
  • Allow drainage and moisture through metal flooring and decking
  • Perforated metal assists in sound absorption
  • Provide public or access to builders using perforated metal ramps
  • Prevent Vermin and rodents through the use of woven wire mesh (middle image)
  • Safety – perforated metal or woven mesh can be used as machine guards
Ramp, construction
Fly and vermin mesh
Drainage Channel Duct Cover

In addition to our perforating and weaving capabilities we offer additional services such as,levelling, rolling, bending, folding, cuttingandwelding. Certain metal finishing services are also available on special request.

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safedeck for crane, anti slip steps