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Perforated Metal the ‘Hole’ Story

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Graepels are CPD accredited with RIAI (Royal Institute Of Irish Architects) and RIBA (Royal Institute Of British Architects)

Graepels CPD presentation:  ‘Perforated Metal, The ‘Hole’ Story’ is a concise and practical presentation covering design, construction and technology within the Perforating Industry.

Our objective is to offer practical and relevant information on drawings, BS standards, specifications, design issues and limitations. Helping to create an awareness around the functional and aesthetical aspects of perforated sheets and additional manufacturing processes. Making bespoke and standard perforated installations effortless.

Graepels provide you with an understanding of current technologies, the ability to gauge design and material factors when choosing Perforated Metal for your projects.

Approximate Presentation Time: 1 Hour. Please note this excludes time for any questions and answers.

We understand the level of detailed planning that goes into every project, our team works hard to ensure that our products are manufactured to exact specifications and requirements making your visions a reality.


  • Improving the understanding of materials, issues and limitations of Perforated Metal within the Architectural Industry
  • Gaining an awareness of additional processes within manufacturing
  • Understanding and developing awareness of current technologies within the industry
  • Acquiring the knowledge needed to create bespoke Perforated Metal installations
  • Understanding potential design considerations of Perforated Metal

CPD Agenda:

  • Additional Processing
  • Aesthetic and Functional Applications
  • Graepels ‘Picture Perf’
  • Drawing Specifications and Design
  • BS Standards and Useful Resources

 CPD Objectives:

  • Developing an awareness of additional manufacturing processes
  • Understanding current technologies within the industry
  • Acquiring the knowledge to create bespoke perforated installations
  • Gauging design considerations
  • Developing an understanding of the materials, issues and limitations of perforated metal


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CPD Agenda

  • Additional Processing
  • Functional Applications
  • Architectural Applications
  • Picture-Perf
  • Drawing Specifications and Design
  • Issues & Limitations
  • BS Standards & Useful Websites

CPD Highlights

  • ‘Perforated Metal, the ‘Hole’ Story’ CPD is equivalent to one RIAI/RIBA CPD Accredited point
  • Graepels provide lunch and all materials
  • There is no charge for Graepels CPD