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Metal is often seen as a more extreme alternative to timber fencing. While it is a cheaper and more homely option, metal should not be overlooked as a viable and often superior choice. Below are four reasons why you should switch to metal fencing and gates today:


1. It’s safe and secure

The most obvious benefit is also the most important one. If you’re looking to guard or protect your home or property then metal fencing is a great way to go about doing that. Heavy perforated sheets are a sturdy option with reduced visibility that explicitly cordon the area off for privacy whereas woven mesh fencing has a more approachable feel but nevertheless retains the high tensile strength needed for security.

Perforated Metal Fencing


2. It might be safe but it can still be stylish

Metal fencing doesn’t have to look heavy and unwieldy. In fact, it is an excellent choice because it offers a balance between safety and style.  This holds true if you’re going with a more traditional, wrought-iron look or you decide to go with something a bit more unusual, such as the ‘Picture-Perf’ gates shown below. Most options will come with a generous open area but you can always specify more or less depending on what you’re looking for.


Metal Gate Design

Outdoor Metal Wall Art







3. It’s long-lasting

This one really is a great advantage, especially when you’re looking for long-term, reliable fencing. Most metals are long-lasting and highly durable so there is little concern in terms of maintenance. With stainless steel generally having a shelf life of about 30 years, your fencing will remain intact no matter what hits it.


4. Technical Benefits

This one is specifically about perforated metal and the technical advantages it offers. It acts as an extremely effective baffle, reducing wind speed and turbulence. It also acts as a buffer against rain and is often used as a form of public shelter, such as at bus stops. This is particularly useful if people are passing to and fro.


Metal CladdingBicycle Shed








For more detailed information you can contact one of our sales representatives to see if metal fencing is the right fit for you.

– James Browne

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