Stainless Steel


Electropolishing otherwise known as ‘Anodic’ or ‘Electrolytic Polishing’ is an electrochemical process whereby the surface metal is removed by anodic dissolution. Micro material particles are removed thus smoothing the surface of the material.

Electropolishing is sometimes referred to as ‘reverse plating’. This is because the possess starts by removing the high points within the microscopic surface texture. Removing the high points of the surface metal results in a smoother more reflective surface finish.

Electropolishing Stainless Steel
Electropolishing Stainless Steel
stainless steel electropolishing

Benefits of Electropolishing Stainless Steel

  • The most striking characteristics of electropolishing is its’ bright and  reflective appearance
  • Non mechanical processes are used in electorpolishing, no tools mean there are no marks created during the polishing including that of directional polishing lines. The material is left with a microscopically smooth surface
  • Corrosion resistance electro polish offers up to 30 times more corrosion protection the standard mill finish
  • Unlike other metal coatings, Electropolishing offers a uniform and regular finish that is bright and reflective micro finish
  • Micro finish although aesthetically pleasing are also functional. Superior micro finishes improve seals, lower friction, reduce real surface area, provide easier sanitation and improve light and heat reflection. Electropolishing is not a surface coating. There is no risk of the surface distorting or pealing over time.
  • Complex and fragile components can be electropolished to ensure they are not damaged. Other methods for removing points and projections can involve grinding or vibration, where as electropolishing is a non mechanical and softer approach to polishing particularly where complex and fragile parts are concerned
  • Surface Preparation electropolishing effectively prepares the surface of  a material for further processing or finishing like plating, anodizing or welding

Electropolishing Stainless Steel Specification

Perforated Electropolished stainless steel sheet to outer face of cladding panels example.
  • Perforator Manufacturer: Graepels/ Graepels Perforators & Weavers Ltd/Graepel Perforators Ltd
  • Product Reference: Picture Perf
  • Finish/Colour: Electropolished Stainless Steel Grade xxxxx.
  • Material: Stainless Steel


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Typical Application

  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment
  • Automotive Industry
  • Architectural
  • Chemical Plant & Equipment