UK’s Leading Suppliers of Metal Flooring, Steps & Ladder Rungs

Graepels are industry leaders in manufacturing perforated metal flooring, steps and ladder rungs. Our anti-slip SafeDeck flooring range is a popular choice amongst our UK customers for industrial, architectural and commercial applications.

Graepels perforated metal flooring offers many key advantages including improved safety and slip resistance, ease of installation, improved aesthetics, increased durabilty as well as increased choice. As an ISO 9001:2008 company, our UK customers can be assured that Graepels perforated metal flooring is manufactured to the highest quality and specifications.

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Graepels Metal flooring is an advantageous choice for any project

  • Safety & Slip Resistance: Graepels metal flooring offers improved underfoot safety, in addition to a comfortable walking surface. It is an ideal choice for walkways and platforms, stairways, ladder rungs, and steps.  It also offers increased slip-resistance and safety through its upward embossment.
  • Ease of Installation: Our perforated flooring panels are manufactured with a side perforation on the long side of its beveled edge, which facilitates the mountings of the metal ratings. However, gratings with unperforated edges on one or both sides are also available by special request.
  • Increased Choice: Graepels metal flooring is available in more than twenty types. Many types are also available in safety steps and ladders rungs. A range of materials are also available including steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Aesthetic Value: Increasingly, more architects have discovered the aesthetic attributes and structures of perforated metal flooring and walkways, for example, architects commonly use Graepels metal flooring as ceiling lining and facade cladding. Our product range can also be used as enclosures and covers for machines and installations.
  • Quality: Our metal gratings have a low dead weight and offer the highest load capacities. Increasingly, this gives our flooring an advantage over open mesh flooring in steel construction, as less substructure is required due to the load capacity in longitudinal direction.

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 Popular SafeDeck Metal Flooring Types

Popular applications for our perforated metal flooring products include interior and exterior stair treads, pedestrian walkways, access platforms, fire escapes and much more! Below we have highlighted some our most popular flooring patterns in the UK for commercial, industrial and architectural applications. With over twenty available types of metal flooring, our diverse range is suited to any project. In addition, we have noted some of the key details for each flooring type listed below. To view the full range, please click here.

Stabil Xtrem | Flooring for Extreme Conditions

Stabil is ideal for areas characterised by extreme weather and environmental conditions

Stabil Xtrem offers underfoot safety in environments with precipitation, sediments, oils or grease. Stabil Xtrem has many applications including catwalks, marina walkways, wind power plants and inspection areas on oil platforms.

Rhombus | Safety Flooring Types

Graepels Rhombus anti-slip metal flooring is ideal for interior usage

Graepels Rhombus is suitable as covering for surfaces and platforms in public and industrial areas where closed surfaces are required. This perforated flooring offers a comfortable walking surface and is suited to barefoot walking.

City | Perforated Metal Flooring

Graepels City offers a secure and comfortable walking surface for pedestrians & cyclists

Graepels City slip resistant flooring can be used for many  interior and exterior applications including metal stairways, walkways and steel catwalks. Graepels City metal flooring type offers good slip resistance and drainage effects.

Steg | Graepels Flooring & Cladding

Steg permits high lump loads on larger grating widths

Graepels Steg features an embossed, round perforation and debossed elogated holes; this reinforces tranverse stiffness. SafeDeck Steg offers high slip resistance and permits high lump loads on larger grating widths. Furthermore, Steg has been utilised by architects as a design element for cladding facades.

Special 8-8 | SafeDeck Metal Flooring

Graepels Special 8-8 is ideal for public areas and industrial use

Graepels Special 8-8 offers an excellent anti-skid effect and displacement, as well as some drainage effect. Due to its small perforation size, Graepels Special 8-8 is ideal for public areas with pedestrian traffic such as trench bridges, and also in commercial areas such as canteen kitchens.

Light Profile | Grating & Cladding

An excellent choice for walkways in areas with extreme precipitation and dirt volumes

Graepels Safe Deck Light Profile offers an extreme drainage effect, in addition to excellent slip-resistance and displacement. It is suited to areas in which precipitation and high dirt volumes put underfoot safety at risk. Due to its high open area of between 74% and 80%, Light Profile offers a safe walking surface without obstructing the view of the user.

Pearl | Perforated Flooring Types

Pearl metal flooring is suited to corporate and public interiors

Graepels Pearl has a closed surface with pearl-like perforations. This metal flooring type pffers a secure walking environment and is suitable for barefoot walking and is an excellent choice for interior usage.


Safety metal flooring which is suitable for interior and exterior usage

Safe Deck Garden offers improved underfoot safety. Its surface has a mixture of cone and round perforations. Graepels Garden is ideal for barefoot walking and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Universal | Anti-Skid Flooring

Graepels Universal is an ideal choice for flooring surfaces and stairs

This flooring type offers an excellent anti-slip effect with adequate displacement space and a good drainage effect. Graepels Universal is an excellent choice for both flooring and steps.

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